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Disability Information and Advice Line (DIAL) UK, is formed by a national network of local advice centers for persons with disabilities.

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Experienced Experts

We are made up of a team of experienced experts with a common interest on disability and catering to all aspects of living with a disability.

Committed Individuals

We are made up of a team of agile, committed and focused individuals who believe in the abilities that reside in disability.

Provide Information

Our primary goal is to provide adequate information and support to individuals living with disability throughout the United Kingdom.

Successes Recorded By DIAL UK

The range of services rendered by DIAL covers major key advisory services

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Our primary aim is to help disabled persons through information and advisory services. We hope our informational articles will help disability and disabled persons in the society get the necessary help they desire.

Compiling The Statistics Of Disabled People Living In The United Kingdom
Various data abound for disability cases of people living in the United Kingdom.
Top 3 Programs And Initiatives For Disabled People In UK By The Government
Discover about the top three programs available to persons with disabilities.
More Info About The Enham Trust UK
Enham Trust is a leading disability charity based in Hampshire, UK.


We are committed to help as we keep up with what we naturally love doing- providing assistance to disabled persons.

Our key focus is


Our major source of information is through our network of organizations, local councils and government agencies saddled with the responsibility of caring for the needs of persons with disability.


Steps To Make The UK More...

Research has revealed that the number of people in the UK that live with disabilities, constitute of 21% of...

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 Are you looking to find help as a disabled? Or are you in search of relevant information and support on disability? With our team at Disability Information and Advice Line (DIAL) in the UK, we are always available to give answers to your queries.

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