What is DIAL?

Disability Information and Advice Line (DIAL), is made up of a team of experienced experts with a common interest on disability and catering to all aspects of living with a disability. We are made up of a team of agile, committed and focused individuals who believe in the abilities that reside in disability.

As a network of local centers, our primary goal is to provide adequate information and support to individuals living with disability throughout the United Kingdom. With staggering statistics on disability in the UK, we hope to fill the gap in information supply and support on disability.

Our major source of information is through our network of organizations, local councils and government agencies saddled with the responsibility of caring for the needs of persons with disability. Many other resources come from researchers at various institutions and charities across the UK and other nations that benefit the UK people.

Our Belief


At Disability Information and Advice Line, we believe in a world of equality for persons with disability. Our stance is that persons with disabilities should be given similar opportunities if not more of what every other person enjoys in the society.


We don’t see reasons why persons should be discriminated against on the basis of his abilities. We believe value resides in disability just like you will find in other persons. For this reason, we stand to be the voice and support to persons needing help as disabled individuals.

Our Mission

At Disability Information and Advice Line (DIAL), our commitment is to disability, persons with disability and all areas affecting living with a disability.

Our key focus is information and advisory services to disabled persons in need. Our services and information cover areas of need such as:

Welfare benefits


Community care



Independent living

Mobility and transport

We are sure to find necessary help through our network of centers to help in any way possible for our readers. We belong to the community we serve and will stand as a voice to the cry of persons with disability in the best way we can.

We hope to make the difference for the persons with disability in the United Kingdom by providing them the required information they need for improved life with a disability.

Our Vision

Disability Information and Advice Line envisions a world where disability will not be used as a means of exclusion but rather on inclusion in ventures or activities in the society.

We not only see equality practiced in the real sense of it with persons with disability but see persons with disability maximizing their potential in their chosen career.

They should be able to live the life they would love to live without the society forcing something on them.

 Through our informational website and contribution from persons like you, we can;

build confidence and restore dignity to persons with disability

help as many persons with disability to achieve their life’s dream

encourage government and individuals to do more for persons with disability

We believe in the power of Will and together, we can!