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Or are you in search of relevant information and support on disability?

With our team at Disability Information and Advice Line (DIAL) in the UK, we are always available to give answers to your queries. We listen and respond to persons who need help on disability and love to share your experiences on living with a disability. Reach out to us today.

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Our primary aim is to help disabled persons through information and advisory services. We hope our informational articles will help disability and disabled persons in the society get the necessary help they desire.

We are committed to help as we keep up with what we naturally love doing- providing assistance to disabled persons. We serve as the link between individuals and the organization that caters to the needs and problems of disability in the society.

As a network, DIAL UK is solely interested and focused on disabilities and improving the lives of special individuals in the society to attain a level of equality just like others.

We see the abilities in disabilities and are determined to step up the effort to achieve equal level of possibilities just like enjoyed by other individuals in the society.

A team builds better. Through our network of centers we are able to do more to help others and through your support, even more can be achieved.

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