Disability Information and Advice Line (DIAL) UK, is formed by a national network of local advice centers for persons with disabilities. It is for disability and also run by persons with disabilities who know the needs of persons with disabilities. As a network, DIAL’s advice and information services are based all around the United Kingdom. It provides information to help disabled people and every area of living and life of a disabled person.
Information provided by DIAL is focused on key areas as it affects disability. These include welfare benefits, equipment, holidays, community care, discrimination, independent living, among others.
The range of services rendered by DIAL covers major key advisory services such as benefits advice, equality advice and communication advice. It also includes mobility training.

Successes Recorded By DIAL UK

The DIAL group and networks help about 500, 000 disabled persons in the United Kingdom every year

The DIAL group and networks help about 500, 000 disabled persons in the United Kingdom every year. The network has provided empowerment to disabled individuals to have control and choices about their lives. Through the support and additional information on welfare benefits, DIAL has given hope to persons with disability to access grants and allowances that are provided by the UK government to assist disability. Allowances such as personal Independence Payment, Disability Living Allowance, and others are brought closer to the people through DIAL’s advisory role and information.
Equipment provision, mobility and transport-related facilities are some aspects DIAL helps disabled persons every year to get the necessary help and support.

Employment Opportunity

DIAL believes its members in the disability community should have the right to live equally just like everyone else. This gives reasons for the role of the network in making necessary moves that will affect the lives of its members positively. With its commitment to engaging with disability and disabled persons, DIAL has been in the forefront of helping out through giving advice that has helped disabled persons to live better lives. Through DIAL’s role, employment opportunity has been opened to disabled members who are in need of employment or get help through available disability supporting organisations.

Influence On The Government

Influence On The Government
DIAL facilitates assistance for disabled persons

As a network that cuts across many local centers across the UK, DIAL is a voice that speaks on behalf of the disability community to get needed help from organizations whether from the state, local or at the federal level. Through the help of the experienced and knowledgeable experts in its ranks, DIAL facilitates assistance for disabled persons who came calling for necessary guidance and advice on issues as it affects disability. DIAL influences national campaigns and notable researches and also uses the findings from the researchers to benefit the members.
The United Kingdom provides lots of initiatives and programs for disability. There are private and governmental programs that many individuals don’t know how to access. The information and advice provided by DIAL makes the difference in passing the message across to those who are the actual beneficiaries.